About Beautifully Haunted

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Beautifully Haunted is a theatrical gothic belly dance and burlesque event presented once a year by the Sisters of Ishtar Bellydance Troupe, in partnership with dancers and artists from regional and metro WA and the Eastern States. 

Beautifully Haunted utilises goth, vintage and steampunk subcultures to allow performers to explore the inner darkness of being human - the shadowy sides of the soul that are rarely given expression.


Stories are the food of our souls. As dancers, we tell stories with our bodies, our costumes, our music, and our emotions. Beautifully Haunted tells stories that have power: stories in which our audiences recognise their own lived experience. Our stories are dark, sorrowful, intense, humorous, cathartic - and empowering.


We value freedom of expression in a

flourishing, diverse arts community.


To participate in ongoing conversations about

celebrating the value and art of subculture,

storytelling and self-expression.

To create a vibrant, theatrical and diverse 

performance scene that brings local,

alternative performers and audiences






When we talk about exploring dark themes, we are talking about telling the stories that are kept in the shadows: our fears, our traumas, our shame, our bodies - the many things which our culture labels taboo, only to find they have turned into monsters while we are not looking.

We want to carve out a safe space for these stories to be told, for subculture to find free expression, for art to be made without fear or boundaries, in a positive way. We believe that free expression is a vital part of a mentally healthy and resilient community.