Beautifully Haunted began with the simple desire to create a space for the performance of Gothic bellydance, a fringe movement that created a fusion between our beloved Middle Eastern dance and the exploration of a dark, spooky and powerful manifestation of femininity. From 2013 until now, it has grown into a powerful storytelling space that brings performers and audiences together, time and again, in moments of beauty, darkness and catharsis.


Event History

2019: We debuted our show at Bunbury and Busselton Fringe Festivals in the South West of WA with Earth Mother Death Mother, a gothic belly dance exploration of our lethal relationship with Earth Mother, Goddess of Life, and her dark side: Death Mother, Goddess of Destruction. With this show we entered the world of dance theatre, and told our story through the mediums of music, movement, film and voice.

2017: At the Fly By Night in Fremantle, we went back in time to the 1920s with Séance at the Speakeasy, a show in which our MC Tasmar Dixon played the part of a medium, and all of our dancers, the ghosts she received messages from. This show incorporated swing dancing, lush vintage costumes, and some incredibly powerful storytelling about ghosts, madness, and vengeful spirits.

Photos by Tony Gie



 2016:  After a year's break, we debuted our show at the Fly By Night Club in Fremantle with Nightmare, a show which starred Perth entertainer Jenia Gladziejewski as Sleeping Beauty. Each act became her nightmares of serial killers, zombies, vampires, evil circuses, and Goddesses. 

Photos by Richard Stein

2014: We presented Heaven and Hell at the Nannup Town Hall. This show included an exploration of the mythology of the fall from Heaven - and the chaos that followed. We danced out stories about the boundaries between freedom, control, dark and light, exploring the natures of angels, demons, Gods and Goddesses.

Photos by Majuba Photographics

2013: Beautifully Haunted debuted in the stunning country town of Nannup, WA, with the theme Haunted. Our dancers explored ghosts, ferocious sea Goddesses, and recovering from trauma. What was intended to be a small event quickly grew, as we attracted dancers from Melbourne, Sydney and New York.

Photos by Ishtar Photographics

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ABN: 71 378 774 493

Beautifully Haunted is produced by the Sisters of Ishtar, a Donnybrook-based theatrical dance troupe who explore an eclectic range of dance, theatre and performance art, inspired by both the beauty of the South West and the simultaneously terrifying and incredible experience of being human in the 21st century.

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