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The Sisters of Ishtar, hosts of Beautifully Haunted, are situated in Donnybrook, in the South West of WA.


This eclectic and experimental troupe explore a variety of bellydance genres including classic Egyptian, Turkish, Bollywood and Gothic fusion.


They perform regularly at events including the Donnybrook Apple Festival, Diwali in Bunbury, and Beautifully Haunted.

Sisters of Ishtar
Ruffles of Doom dance troupe.

The Ruffles of Doom is the advanced Gothic Performance Troupe from Princess Fee Bellydance, based in Perth, WA.

The Ruffles use the Elysium Gothic Format, created by Ma’isah of Melbourne, to create improvised and choreographed dance art with an ethereally spooky character.

Ruffles of Doom
Free Spirit Gypsies dance troupe.

Free Spirit are a Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Performance Troupe from Fremantle, Western Australia.


They have been dancing and learning together for the last 12 years. They perform at Haflas, Corporate Functions and Charity Events all over WA and beyond.


They love Tribal Bellydance for the joy it brings into their lives, for the fun, friendship, the circle of beautiful feminine connection and just because they can!

Free Spirit Gypsies
Porcelain Rose, Australian gothic burlsque performer.

Porcelain is a Blue Mountains (NSW) based dancer, choreographer, performance artist and dance teacher with a passion for the unusual and the theatrical.


She loves to celebrate and be involved in projects that celebrate women and alternative lifestyles and cultures.


Porcelain is an active Domestic Violence Prevention and Body Positivity advocate, and this is reflected in a large portion of her body of work.

Ikari, a dark gothic belly dancer.

Ikari started her dance journey in 2006 as a member of the Mystique Dance Troupe. She fell in love with the dark side of bellydance whilst learning and performing gothic belly dance.


One of the inaugural members of the Pseudoskirt project in 2008 with Melbourne dancer/teacher Ma’isah, in 2017, Ikari led the Pseudoskirt project in WA. She performs regularly with “The Ruffles of Doom”.


Her performances include multiple WAMED festivals, Pseudoskirt projects, the Velvet Lounge and Beautifully Haunted every year since its conception.

Chelsea Smiles hits the stage for wicked fun time.

Gothic burlesque dancer Chelsea Smiles, the dark temptress, will work her way inside your mind and corrupt your soul until you are as CRAZY for her as she is for you!


Chelsea Smiles will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Chelsea Smiles
Richelle, tribal and bolly bellydancer.

Free Spirit Dance Community leader Richelle’s dance passions are Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance and Bollywood.


She loves the feeling of connection with each and every dancer in the dance circle, using a vocabulary of signature movements, the sense of community it invokes, the beautiful feminine connection and the glorious costuming and musical choices.


She regularly performs all over WA and beyond.


Katanya has been dancing for thirteen years over a range of dance styles. She now dances in a fusion style combining bellydance with contemporary dance.


She is passionate about Gothic music and performance.


Katanya specialises in single and double sword and knife dance. As a teacher for the past four years she loves to share the joy of dance with others.

Katanya; specialisng in sword dance and floor work.

Skuld (Nina Smith) is a gothic and theatrical bellydancer who has been exploring the world of bellydance in all its forms for more than ten years.


She tells stories through dance about gods, goddesses, angels, demons and the nature of dark and light.

She performs regularly with the Sisters of Ishtar, and has previously performed at WAMED festivals, the Velvet Lounge, the Balingup Medieval Carnival, annual Diwali celebrations in Bunbury and events around Perth and the South West, including Beautifully Haunted, which she co-runs.


Segothica (Sue Gray) danced with a range of troupes from her first taste of Bellydance with Keti in 1990.


In 2006 she joined the troupe that eventually became the Sisters of Ishtar, and later branched out into gothic theatrical dance, influenced by the Elysium dance created by Melbourne dancer Ma’isah.

Segothica has performed with Sisters of Ishtar, the Pseudoskirt project and as a soloist at the Donnybrook Apple festival, Balingup Medieval Carnival, WAMED, The Velvet Lounge and at Beautifully Haunted, which she co-runs.

Sue Gray in full bellydance regalia and fans.
Jenia, the dancing mermaid with a magical voice.

Jenia is a talented and versatile performer who has been involved in our previous shows, theatre productions, and bringing magical characters to life for children’s events, to name just a few.


One of her alter egos is the Fremantle Mermaid, in which persona she has performed at AQWA.

Jenia Gladziejewski
Saleeha, skilled at delighting with exceptional dance movements.

A Fremantle-based dancer who hails from the Free Spirit Dance Community, Saleeha specialises in theatrical and experimental styles of Bellydance, as well as dubstep fusion, and makes up one half of the dance troupe The Hughes Clan with husband Tim.


Saleeha delights in wowing her audiences at every performance with her creative choreographies and skillful smooth moves