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Beautifully Haunted Presents: Earth Mother Death Mother

Beautifully Haunted is thrilled to announce that our first show for 2019 will be at Bunbury Fringe Festival on February 2!

We will be presenting Earth Mother Death Mother, a story told through dark gothic belly dance of humanity's complex and lethal relationship with the Earth.

From abundant life to savage death, and then the rise of new hope from the ashes, Earth Mother Death Mother will explore the darkest fear in the heart of anyone alive today: how far is too far in the destruction of our home - and how do we stop?

Earth Mother Death Mother will be part of Delightfully Dark, a set of three dark and spooky shows at Bunbury Fringe on February 2.

Book your tickets here.

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Beautifully Haunted is produced by the Sisters of Ishtar, a Donnybrook-based theatrical dance troupe who explore an eclectic range of dance, theatre and performance art, inspired by both the beauty of the South West and the simultaneously terrifying and incredible experience of being human in the 21st century.

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