Sue Gray

Sue Gray

Sue Gray is one of the two founders of Beautifully Haunted. Sue is responsible for sourcing and managing workshops, ensuring the smooth running of the program, setup and equipment needs, liaising with the venue, and management.

The Team

Nina Smith

Nina Smith is one of the two founders of Beautifully Haunted. A media and marketing professional, she is responsible for sourcing entertainment, liaising with venues and tech professionals, programming, graphic design, marketing and management.


Fangsmith team Megan Weaver and Jarrad Smith provide expertise in websites, marketing, photography, creative direction, concept and website design and development for Beautifully Haunted.

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ABN: 71 378 774 493

Beautifully Haunted is produced by the Sisters of Ishtar, a Donnybrook-based theatrical dance troupe who explore an eclectic range of dance, theatre and performance art, inspired by both the beauty of the South West and the simultaneously terrifying and incredible experience of being human in the 21st century.

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